Friday, August 19, 2005

We are moved...and how can I screw up more?

I swear if I didn't know better, I'd think I had pregnancy brain! LMBO
We signed the papers tuesday morning and got the keys that afternoon. We are told that we have irrigation and that they had switched it into our name. "so I don't need to call the city for water?" "NOPE" ok.. we start moving tuesday night. and the problem??? NO WATER!! No showers. no bath.
So wednesday morning the cable guy shows up at 8:30--and yes, jessica was still in bed. I answer the door in a tshirt and sweats-no bra. I finally tell the guy to hold on so I could make sure the baby did not fall off my bed..and I run and put a bra on.
He asks me which outlets I want for the tv...activates them and leaves.
did I mention my tshirt was white??
I go to wal-mart (but first I get lost and end up in a different city) and call the water and am told I have to come down to turn it on. YEAH! Cause I SOO know where I am going. They give me directions and I make it down there (with all 6 kids). I then have to ask "now how do I get home???"
The water gets turned on (yes, finally baths!!) and I go to bathe the kids..and you guessed hot water! Evidently, the work order to hook up our gas did not print our water heater was not ontoo late to call gas company, so we decide to skip another night.
Shawn gets home from work and goes to hook up the internet, and can't! they did not ask me about the cable modem for the computer...and so the room where the computer was set to be was not activated.that is still not fixed, and we finally got hot water tonight.
I think the only thing I did not screw up was the phone and power!
And to top it all off, tomorrow is my 30th and I SOO do not want it to be here.
But the good thing is? I LOVE my home. I am just so happy here. and we moved in next door to a family of 4 young children , and the kids are having a ton of fun. I think this was a wonderful move for us.We are getting ready to start working on painting the girls room so we can move them in. Here are a few pictures....the pink flower is what I am going to do on the girls walls (which will be purple)

Thursday, August 04, 2005

I should never talk on the phone....

Yesterday, the gym calls to tell us the boys gymnastic team party had been moved due to the host having a fire in their home.
As I am running downstairs to change phones (because the one I was on had a lot of static) this is what she hears:
"hold on a second, I need to switch phones....
Noah..get those handcuffs off your sister!
Sorry..I am still trying getting it--
-grab bella off the table away from the yogurt!!!"

I caught myself today before I said this one:"Lexie, get the bear out of your pee pee!!"

Talking on the phone with 6 kids is hopeless. Simply hopeless!