Monday, January 21, 2008

Noah had a seizure and Harrison pooped on his own!

we met with noah's doctor friday and he upped his trazadone from 25mg to 50 mg.
we didn't notice too much during the day saturday, but we were on the run a lot.
Sat night, noah took his medicine and then the kids and I watched movies in the living room where they all crashed. I was on the computer and I saw Noah get up and start stumbling towards the front door.
I called his name and he kind of turned all confused and dazed and just looked at me and then turned back and started opening the door. I called "noah NO!" and he again turned and looked at me and then started to open the door again....I ran to him sensing something wasn't right and as I got there he was starting to shake. I asked him what he was doing and he just mumbled bathroom and started to collapse...still shaking. Now, Noah is a very big boy and I could barely support him while he was shaking. I started screaming for my husband saying "I NEED HELP!" it took 3 times of me calling him to get him out then I had moved noah a bit towards the bathroom.
we got him in and he couldn't move. he was totally out. dh got him on the toilet and we put him in our bedroom to sleep. the next day *sunday* he was very disoriented and could not remember anything and had a headache. We called the on call doctor and they told us to go back down on the meds and I have to call tomorrow (I guess I was supposed to call today but I didn't hear dh tell me that)

It seriously freaked me out. I am so glad he already had a brain MRI coming up.

it was scary

the dilation was increased up to the 15mm (where it should be) and the first night he passed stool with the dilator. the second night he passed a small amount with it. tonight, he went on his own without the dilator! I was feeding him and felt it and was like "did he just poop???"
then I smelt it! and when I looked there was a big streak!

so I got all happy and kaitlyn asked to hold him while we gave him a few more minutes to see if he was done.
the next thing we knew, he pooped again! and filled his diaper! and it came out so fast that it actually squirted out and got on her pants!
she was laughing though, I think she was just as excited as we were to see him poop on his own!
first time in 6? 7 weeks???

YAY for poopy babies!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Too many appointments in 1 day = crazy brain fried mom

due to MY sheduling issues I had to keep alexis home from school yesterday to make it to harrisons GI appt. which meant that along with Noah being home (he had a psych appt) and bella, I had to head to town with 4 of them.

So good news first...Harrisons dilation is going well. she said his bum looked good...moved him up to the size 15 with hardly any difficulty.
bad news is..he had blood in his stool and some skin changes (ezcema and the all-telling red ring on his bum) and snuffling combined with the family history indicated to her that he does have the dairy protein allergy
we ordered the blood test to check for others on the off chance that it will show something at this age. she said it most likely would be negative-but she said the symptoms spoke for themself.
so I am definitely having to eliminate dairy. the blood test sucked and they had a hard time getting it...she also ordered a CBC and a chem panel along with an order to do a stool culture to check for c-difficile because his stool did not look normal.

then noah had his psych follow up. they ordered a brain MRI to check for damage from the stroke since it had not been done by his previous doctor. again, they talked about the aspergers diagnosis too, but wanted to wait and not label prematurely-which I appreciate.

the doctor and I talked more about his weight gain, and apparently it is a side effect of his medication so we are not sure what to do there.

so, 2 appts. 2 lab appts...then lunch and a rush home to get ready for a wedding=me needing a big caffeinated drink!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Harrison's GI appointment update

we had Harrison's GI appointment on the 9th and all I can say is YUCK!

first, his anus is more anterior which means everything inside is more posterior which makes him have to push just a bit harder to get things out.

then we talked for bit. I really liked her.
Then she had to stick her finger inside of him-she could barely get it in there it was so tight.
He has anal stenosis.

She said at his age he should be at about 15mm...he is barely at 10. She said from the problems we had getting the suppository in, he had probably been at an 8 before and we had stretched him.
She used the dilator on him today and got him to a 13. I have to do this with him for 1 week, 3 times a day. Then the next appt she will stretch to the 15. Hopefully he will be able to start going on his own then, but she said that there could be some problems in the nerves in there that could require more using a mild laxative until his body starts to function right.

She said also that it was really good that we had brought him in because this was not something that would magically have fixed itself..
she is also hopeful that once this gets fixed that his reflux might get better. she could tell he had it before I even told her just by his breathing.

It was REALLY hard for me to have to do that to him today. She had me do it to show me how and

but I am very glad that I kept pressing it with his pediatrician and insisting that this was not the normal newborn immature sphincter issue.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Mom's Night Out

2 weeks ago, my friend Jamie had her bachelorette party. We started the night be dinner at Brick 29 Bistro. The atmosphere was nice. The server a bit harried and the menu full of dairy! ACK, I had a hard time finding something I could eat! But I did finally settle on the Mahi Mahi dish.
Flame broiled Mahi Mahi with cinnamon saffron jasmine rice. (they left the vanilla butter off for me!) with green beans and gala apple salsa.
The fish was a bit salty, but still so flavorful and cooked perfectly. I do think that the rice was the winner in this dish though. YUMMY! I could eat it again and again.

The night ended with a hilarious gift exchange and a yummy fondue party! Myself-I had the vegan chocolate and the best dipper was the pineapple-again. You just cannot beat pineapple dipped in chocolate!

Keep on the lookout for a new look! we will be changing our look and our name as I merge my crafty and family blogs really soon.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Years Resolutions...did you make them?

I actually did this year. Here are mine:

  1. To exercise 3 times a week. I think that is pretty reasonable, or at least, I hope it is! LOL
  2. To not swear at ALL
  3. To increase my spirituality by committing to personal and family a) prayer b) scripture reading and wholesome activities
  4. To be a better example to my children.

Wish me luck.