Thursday, January 21, 2010

School has (once again) started with a bang!

and that bang would be? Contemplation of changing my majors and career path!

After a lot of consideration of what I "want to be when I grow up" I am thinking of changing to pre-law

This is for a variety of reasons:
1) The one job I want most (FBI)is really just not open to me
2) I want a career that deals with criminal apprehension, but I am not police officer material *wink*
3) dh says I can out argue anyone I know...*snort*

So, I am considering it. There are many more reasons, both for and against-but as of this moment, I am thinking about it and I have time to make my decision.

and now-I have a sweet little boy snuggled up to my arm..asleep and snoring-and I can no longer type so I will be back for more updates.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

drive by meal plan

just a quick post for my meal plan:

raisin bran muffins

bean dip with tortilla chips
homemade baked mac and cheese (cheese on hand already)
vegetable fried rice
corn chowder
kids choose-ramen *blech*

no hurry vegetable curry
split pea and barley soup with rolls
black bean soup with cuban bread
baked ziti, salad and bread
leftovers (if any) or honey baked lentils

apple bread
peanut butter bread
applesauce cake
maple cupcakes

number of times meat this week: 0
total cost groceries: $60 for 9 people.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

If flavor could explode in your mouth

that is what happened with dinner last night!

Last night was the BSU/TCU Fiesta Bowl game. Since Kaitlyn is not into football (good girl!!) she made dinner.

We had the curried potatoes/peas/cashews/raisins over basmatti rice. In one word...FLAVOR!

I love the combination of curry and potatoes. It is just so good. She did an excellent job and there was NONE left when we were done eating.

BSU won the game 17-10 and went with a 14-0 season! GO BSU! Here is Noah's favorite shirt that he of course was wearing for the game!

Friday, January 01, 2010

New year, new meal plan

My resolution's are many this year, but one of my biggest is to be more consistent with my meal planning and sticking to them.

thus, here is the plan for the week. Some of this was more heavily influenced by Shawn as he choose most of the dinners.

Maple muffins
french toast
raisin bran muffins
scrambled eggs and toast

vegetarian paella
Black Bean tamales w/wheat free apple crisp
bean burritos
corn chowder and homemade bread
veggie fried rice
leftover day

Vegetable upside down casserole
Curried Potatoes (with peas, raisins and cashews)
corn bread topped south western pot pie
No Hurry Vegetable Curry
Arroz NON pollo

sounds good, yes?
Isabella starts her new school on Monday. She is very excited to go everyday instead of just 2 days a week. Noah will also start his homeschooling this next week-and he is just as excited to be home!
I am just busy dyeing yarn for the store and knitting gifts for friends! I hope to knit my sweater really soon.