Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30 days of Thanksgiving


Last year, I did 30 days of Thanksgiving throughout the month of November on Facebook.  Every day I would post something, no matter how small , that I was thankful for.

It's November 1st which means the start of my "I am thankful" month of posts....  I will copy them all here and post this on the last day of November.

1st: Today, I am thankful for Harrison's sweet toddler boy kisses....they can always bring a smile to my face, even on the most rotten of days.

2nd: Today, I am thankful for my spouse who loves me and treats me well. I know I can always count on him to support me in my decisions and lift me up when I am down. He is a good person that is honest, devoted, loving and fun. He is my friend, my love, my life

3rd: Today, I am thankful for the right to have my own thoughts pertaining to
our government and country-and for the ability to express them freely
without fear of reprisal. Some people do not even have that.

4th: Today I am thankful that I can be there for a friend in her time of need.

5th: Today, I am thankful for Harrison. He came into this world 3 years ago today-a surprise pregnancy that at first was very hard for me to accept. He has brought me so much joy, love and smiles-and I am forever grateful for him. Happy Birthday Harrison!

6th: Today I am thankful for my amazing kids. They bring me so much happiness and I enjoy just being with them. I consider them not only my children, but my friends and I value our closeness and love our time together. They teach me something new everyday

7th: Today, I am thankful for my friends. I know they are always there for me-to lend a hand or a listening ear...or to just have fun with. They are the best!

8th: Today I am thankful for the house in which we live....the heat that keeps us warm, the clothes on our back and the food in our cabinets. Such simple things that we take for granted each day-but makes a big difference in our lives.

9th: Today, I am thankful for the doctor's office that is less than a mile away from my house. We have been there so much in the last few weeks-and I am glad that the medical care was accessible and easy to get to.

10th: Today, I am thankful for insurance that saved me over $450 the last few weeks on prescriptions.

11th: Today, I am thankful for my knitting skills. Not only is it awesome to be able to create beautiful and practical projects-but it is also helps me keep my sanity and brings me a lot of peace and satisfaction....as long as I am not tempted to poke someone with a needle when I am ticked!

12th: Today, I am thankful for Univ. of Idaho's decision to bring their law school down to Boise. It gives me better access to get my law degree-and means that I can be a true "divided" fan with my bachelor's coming from Boise State!

13th: Today I am thankful for a good head on my shoulders. For the ability to learn, to grown, to think clearly and make good decisions.

14th: Today, I am thankful for my yarn, fiber and fabric stashes! They keep me well stocked when I need to do a craft ♥

15th: Today, I am thankful for my bathroom being so close to my bedroom-it means I have a smaller area to run when I have to throw up. And I am thankful for my dd who is keeping an eye on the boy for me

16th: Today, I am thankful for an awesome mother who taught me so much growing up...how to love, how to be a good friend and most of all..taught me how I wanted to be a mother to my own children. I love you mom. ♥

17th: Today, I am thankful for my professors that give extra time outside of regular classes to do online classes as well. Without them, I wouldn't be finishing my education right now

18th: Today, I am thankful for the Job's Daughters. It has already taught
Kaitlyn so much. Her self confidence has grown tremendously, she had
made WONDERFUL friends and learned a lot about herself. We have a wonderful bethel of girls-and I love them and appreciate them all so much!

19th: Today, I am thankful that the kids Thanksgiving break started today! I am excited to have a week to spend with them! ♥

20th: Today, I am thankful for the eye doctor. I cannot imagine life for me or those who have worse vision than ME if we didn't have this ability to correct our vision problems!

21st: It's one of those days where I am finding it hard to do a thankful post. So I will just say that I am thankful for my life, and those that I have in it.

22nd: Today, I am thankful for the 99.5 on my final in my computer.most.hideous.horrible.boring.time consuming.ever class! I am so glad that class is OVER!

23rd: Today, I am thankful for the great messages learned while watching the holiday cartoons. Service to others and gratitude for what we have. It is a wonderful lesson for all to hear.

24th: Today I am thankful for my son with aspergers. He has taught me so much about love and has brought to me the appreciation for the simpleness of a hug or an "I love you" ♥

25th: Today, I am thankful for my large family-there is always someone to hug, always someone to talk to and share with, and a whole lot of love, fun and craziness going on in my home. I wouldn't have it any other way. ♥
Happy Thanksgiving to all of my family and friends. I hope your day is filled with family, love, thanks and peace.

26th: Today, I am thankful for my level of patience. :-D

27th: Today, I am thankful for all the wonderful Jobies and DeMolay kids that are in my life.  The girls are like my other daughters. They are crazy and loving and fun and such a joy to be around. They teach me a lot. The boys are fun and rambunctious and a great thing to have around my serious boys!
So today, I am thankful for GREAT kids! ♥

28th: Today, I am thankful for books. Reading is an integral part of my life. It helps me to learn, to imagine, to relax. I am thankful for the writers that come up with the story lines and for the ability to print those stories on paper and to be available for purchase. I LOVE BOOKS!

29th: Today I am thankful for my creativity. I am an artistic thinker and I love that it inspires me in color, design and creation.

30th: Last day of my 30 days of Thanksgiving posts. Today, I am thankful for all my wonderful friends that joined me in this challenge. I am thankful for the experience and what it has taught me. I am thankful for the reminders of what is important in life. So, I am thankful for my friends, my family, my life. I hope my friends will join me again next year ♥

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Wow - the weather has just been insane!  First, the summer started really late, with cold rainy days into JULY!  Then the summer was short and it seemed like September was more cold than it was warm.  October busts out with WARM days!  Halloween comes around and it is the warmest on record for awhile..and then BOOM.  Ice cold.  I swear it was the next day!  It feels so cold outside that I feel like just staying in all the time so I don't have to go out in it! LOL
Halloween was fun this year.  Shawn and I actually dressed up and went to a friends halloween party.  the kids got to go trick or treating in their neighborhood while we visited.
November marks the start of the craft show season!  Stacy and I had our annual spree together where we hit a ton of them in one day.  Didn't really buy much (no money! LOL) but the point of it was to have fun, which we did.

I am busy with working on handmade gifts for the kids and for swaps - this is one of my most favorite times of the year!

Kaitlyn passed her proficiency in Jobies!  I was so proud of her-she did an awesome job.  She amazes me so much.  Harrison just turned 3.  I cannot believe that much time has gone by.  It seriously just seems like yesterday that I was still pregnant with him

Enjoy your autumn season!! (it sure feels like winter here!)

Monday, November 01, 2010

What are you thankful for?

I feel like the pebble, thrown into the lake that makes a wave--the wave that filters further and further out to reach more around it.

Last year on facebook, I made November my month of gratefulness.  I posted a "today, I am thankful for...." post everyday.  It got hard at times to think of something that wasn't frivolous,  but I made it through and it helped me to appreciate even more the people in my life and the things that I have.

This year, I am doing it again.  When I posted today, I found that there were several friends that posted after me on their own page a thankful post!  A few even asked if they could copy me - to which I gladly said YES!  I want my friends to participate!  As they day has gone by, I have seen more and more people posting as the idea spreads and every post brings a smile to my face as I realize that I helped them to do this!

...I hope they enjoy it and learn as much from it as I did!  Will you join us too?  30 days of thankfulness!  I challenge you to do it!