Monday, August 31, 2009

school has started with a bang!

this has been a crazy time! Conner, Noah, Hannah, Lexi and Bella all started back to school on August 19th-my birthday! I started class again the following week and Kaitlyn started homeschool today. Definitely a busy time!

Conner is doing football again-he made special team this year (kick off/return team) and that is quite the honor. Kaitlyn is competing cross country again and is loving it!

I have just been taking time to slow down. I have been knitting, visiting with friends, reconnecting with some old friends and looking at things to come in the future. It is amazing what some clarity does for your life vision-if that makes sense!

I have almost narrowed down which spinning wheel I am going to buy. I am so excited, this has been a long process but I am almost there.

I have gotten a lot done in the last few weeks knitting wise. I did a sweater for Harrison, a sweater/shirt for bella and a sweet little baby pinafore for my gift box. Now I am going to do a few things all for ME!

The sweater is from fawn pea called the Mossy Jacket. It was a great easy knit! I am so glad that Harrison is so tiny that he could wear the largest 18 month size. I wish the pattern went larger for the other kids!

not much else to report-just going to end with some pictures!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

hey knitters! awesome giveaway

from my friend Erin's site!

She is giving away a brand new zephyr knitting needle set from knitpicks!!!

All you have to do is a few small steps, like checking out patterns and leaving a comment. what could be harder than that?

Come check it out!


I think I am like that fairytale

you know the one? the man that slept for so many years? what was his name? ((off to google))

oh yes! Rip Van Winkle...only I have slept for 3 months..and missed the whole summer! I cannot believe that the kids go back to school in 2 weeks. It has been insane with not much to show for it except for another semester of school over and a co-op finished and well, not much else! LOL

*sigh* can we extend it a bit longer?
I have noticed that I have gotten a bit more done in my life. I took a conscious effort to not visit any of my message boards very much and saw how much more I got done during the if I could break myself of facebook, we would be set! LOL but what would I do without all my farming games? *wink*

I don't have a topic to right on today, other than the fast passage of time. It has been almost a year since my brothers accident and it doesn't seem to be possible that it is that long

a year since Thanksgiving...since Christmas. Harrison is almost 2 and my friends are due to have their babies.

I truly feel like Rip Van Winkle, awake after a 20 year sleep because I just have missed so much lately