Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pregnant vents, just a few

1) failing your glucose test and having to go in for a 3 hour test-WITH toddler in tow.

2) overalls. what sadistic MAN ever thought up making MATERNITY OVERALLS!!!!??? uhm, hello????? Do you not realize how many times a day pregnant women pee???? And to have to un-do and re-do those straps EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!! What a dumb idea!

3) hormones-we just won't even go there. you have a problem with that?

4) hunger, bloating, cravings, gas--the list goes on and on.

*sigh* it will be over soon. and it will be worth it. but the journey there is SOO not fun right now!

Should I laugh? cry? be angry?? or all of the above?

More for harrison (moved from crafty)

so-it seems that this new baby inside of me has sucked out my ability to blog, but now that we are getting closer to delivery, I am getting crafty again.

Here are some projects I have done again for baby Harrison
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This is a cloth diaper sleeper sack by dandelion dreamers pattern and a cloth diaper soaker by curly purly pattern.

The Dandelion dreamers sack was kettle dyed BFL in my acorn colorway. The Curly Purly was a plymouth outback yarn.

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another sleeper sack out of Malabrigo Tortuga wool yarn. The booties are the Little Turtle Knits stripe bootie pattern and the red/brown soaker is Little Turtle Knits hybrid rib soaker.

Then with fall in the air, I have done some new colorways for my yarn!

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Caramel Apple
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Juicy Pear
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Sunday, August 19, 2007

So its my birthday today

one more year has gone by...oh so fast. I feel like the time goes by and I lose so much of my life and the kids. We need more hours in the day.

So, this month. Its been a while since I posted last. I cut off all my hair. Granted - the lady took off about 3-4 inches more than I asked for, so I didn't really get what I wanted, but I will adjust.

I got new glasses, some really fun and funky ones!

Baby Harrison is growing. My belly has gotten just a tad bit bigger. Yesterday a lady still couldn't tell I was pregnant!

Will post pictures soon. Been insanely busy as school starts this week.