Friday, May 23, 2008

I am starting early!

So Christmas is just 6 months away. I have started early..which you kind of have to do with 7 kids!
I am collecting handmade stuff for the kids as gifts. I have a good selection so far.

I got a Hooty Hoot! from Pam at The Indigo Onion for Harrison
I got a beautiful dyed playsilk for him too

I got some doll Mei Tai carriers for the girls
and I think that is it for now? But it is a start. I have several crafty swaps coming up and will get more items for them then. So I have a good jump on it!

We have just 1 week left of school here! I cannot believe it is almost done! Conner had his last Academic Bowl meet this week, which they won! That puts them in first place overall, I believe out of the whole state? Anyway, very exciting stuff!

I've been pretty busy with sewing and knitting at home..and we are still slowly working on the changes in the house.

Harrison is almost 7 months old now. He is 16lb 13 oz and 26 inches long...puts him in the 25th percentile...which I figured as all of our kids are quite tiny!

Thats is for now :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So I missed church Sunday

because Harrison was so sick. When Shawn got home he says to me : I got called into the bishops which I of course said in a smart aleck way..."what did you do???"

he said *I* didn't do anything.
uh oh..."what did I do???"
ok, what did Conner do??? LOL
I figured by process of elimination I would get there eventually.
So..Conner has a calling in church now! He is in the Deacon's quorum presidency.
of course, not growing up in the church, I have NO idea what this means for him or what he will be doing now, but I guess I will learn.

So today was busy. I sewed a few baby gifts for a big swap we are doing on one of my message boards. Stacy and I sorted the boxes tonight and we had a lot of fun. I have some new yarn coming in the mail and I will be taking it with me to Red Fish when we go.

Harrison got a swimming pool this weekend and he loves it! that kid is such an outside boy! He just plays and plays. He has started trying to stand up...he doesn't want to crawl at all...he just wants to get up and walk!

School is almost out. Conner's last academic meet is tomorrow. the kids are done the next Friday. I can't believe the year has gone by so fast.

ok..knitting...the latest longies and a new bag-the bag IS straight, it is just laying all funky in the picture and I was too tired to go fix it in order to take a new picture.

the yarn is dyed by Juicy Pear colorway. Black Berry Ridge wool yarn.



Wednesday, May 14, 2008

There are days that the kids

make me so proud!
Yesterday, the kids came home from school and played outside as usual. A little while later, Kaitlyn and Noah came to me and said they wanted to go clean up a neighbors yard. There is a house on our road that has been empty for at least 6 months. We don't know if the owners are the ones that were there and left or what the deal is...but it is not being taken care of.

So they decided it would be good to go clean it. Noah thought it would be good for the environment *wub* but they wanted it done.

so they took off with big bags and started pulling the huge dead stuff out of all the plants. They cleaned up garbage. Tonight, they are going back to mow the lawn and use the weedwacker on the weeds.
All on their own. I am so proud of them for seeing a need and giving this service. I must be teaching them something right! :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

wow-to catch up

It seems my life is like that a lot lately. Lag behind and then have to hurry and catch up on everything. Some might say "you just had a baby." Some might say "you have 7 kids!" Some might say "you are just busy." But I say it is just because I am so tired of everything and have no drive to get anything done.

so quick update as best as I can.

We've finally started making changes in the house. We had moved Kaitlyn into my office (after I purged about 60 yards of fabric!!!) and then had decided to split the bonus room into 2 bedrooms. one for Bella and Lexie and one for Harrison with moving hannah in with Kaitlyn.

After talking about it and realizing that the girls would not get to play in their room as much with Harrison on the other size due to noise level, Kaitlyn decided it would be better to split the bonus room into a bedroom for her and then one for the other 3 girls..(the larger side) and to give Harrison the bedroom she was in. So we painted and got all his stuff moved up there and I am still working on decorating in there.

Now Kaitlyn cannot decide if she wants her own room or if she wants to share with Hannah. We have allowed he to make this decision on her own, so she is taking her time and weighing the good and bad about it. Once she decides , we will put up a faux wall and re-tape and texture and paint in there and then get them all moved. We may wait until June when the boys are gone to do will be easier then.

Conner made it to districts in track. I am so very proud of him. I got to se him in his local meet a few weeks ago and he looked so good! He won his 100 meter dash heat. It was great. ... but I am so glad track is over right now! LOL
Yesterday, he came home and told us a girl asked him to go the end of the year dance with her!
It has started already. Pretty scary! LOL
Kaitlyn is ending her days at elementary school and will be going into middle school in August. She is pretty excited. She has been atttending a bunch of "girl parties" lately as all her friends are doing. the last was a hawaiian luau.

The rest of the kids are good. Harrison is growing and he needs to slow down. I want my baby back. He is sitting and trying to stand. I am about to box up all his 3-6 months shirts and am so sad. He still wears his 3-6 month pants though so I can hang on to those for a bit longer!

Shawn is busy with work. And I am just trying to decide if I want to start school this fall or next. I have a wonderful opportunity for full coverage of my tuition and books so I have to decide what program/school.

ITT has a great computer forensics program and the College of Idaho has a Crime in Society minor that I am trying to decide between. They each have their pro's and con's. If I choose ITT I could start earlier as it is an online program and I would not have to be away from the kids while they are young-and that is a very important consideration. Bella doesn't go to kindergarten until next I keep going back and forth trying to decide.

Either way, I am very excited to have this chance.

I've still been knitting up a storm. Just no pictures to show right now.