Friday, March 21, 2008


Noah had a follow up with his doctor today. (this was the newer doctor, the one that only saw him for one phase of his neuro psych testing)

besides the brain injury, neurogenic irritability and hyperactive response etc....

We officially have the diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder...aspergers.

He is also showing some signs of having some Tics-but he doesn't think it is a sign of OCD.

we switched his medication because his other was making him gain so much weight.

I walked out to the van after the appointment and just started crying. I didn't want to have this. I didn't want him labeled. I didn't want this diagnosis.

We discussed the possibility of repeating all his neuropsych testing to see where we are at-if any different than 3 years ago or if a different consensus would come up with the team where before the one doctor (not the one we saw today) was so set with one theory of what was wrong with him

He also seriously needs to undergo physical therapy as his one leg is very off when he walks...I can't even describe how bad his leg is, but you don't notice so much because his body compensates for it

I don't know what else to think at this point. I just want to curl up and cry and process it all, but then I am trying to not let him see how upset I am.

we knew there was a chance this would happen...I just didn't believe it would actually come to this.

The only good was the knowledge that whatever happened to him in-utero (stroke or whatever) did not show any brain damage on his thank God for that.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

hooking and cooking

so here is Harrison's completed blanket. This is my first time doing a crochet blanket!
and of course, it just happens to be another rainbow!

no specific pattern for this...I just did a granny square ( a larger one) and figured out on my own how to hook it all together. there are many errors! I learned not to watch tv while doing these as I tended to either add extra's or leave some out! LOL but I did it. I learned to do some crochet. and I love it!

and as a side shot...these are the pretzels we made today thanks to my friend!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

A few knits and more on the kids

ok-whew, we are so busy right now! We have been moving so much around in the house and the tv is now gone from the main part of the home! It has been moved to our bedroom so it will be very limited. We just decided that ALL kids watch way too much tv and we were sick of it. So it is gone. It has been so nice in the house.

Kaitlyn and Noah are busy with choir. Kaitlyn is almost done with her math curriculum at school-she is just so far ahead. Homeschooling sure did pay off for these kids! LOL

Conner is still busy with the academic decatholon and starts track on Monday. He is also preparing as he gets to go on the Trek to Martin's Cove this year with the other youth in our church. He is very excited to do this and is diligently preparing.
here are a few quick knits I did for Harrison. These are called longies-and for those that don't know, they are wool pants that are worn over cloth diapers to keep them "waterproof"
The first pair was too big, so I had to do 2!

second pair, made smaller: