Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Could this be any more fun?

this set is up in my Hyena Cart right now.

There is theAmity Mama holiday family in need drive...and since I don't have money to buy gifts for the families, I plan on picking out the kids that they are asking for playfoods and knitting some up for them to make their Christmas just a bit brighter.

I also just finished up some stitch markers and knitting rolls/crochet hooks for custom orders

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

current pictures

All the kids

hannah's first week of school

how does time fly by

so here I am once again trying to catch up after a long absence

do you think it is the having 6 kids that makes it so hard to keep

nahh--it can't be that!! LOL


having 2 home businesses?

2 competitive gymnasts?

a nursing toddler???

none of that could possibly be it could it?

first i am going to say that I am tired, so i will probably not use many capitals.
So noah and hannah are in school and quiet has come back to my home.

conner is doing good this year...i think he is having some "growing boy" issues as he is trying boundaries and having trouble adjusting to becoming an older child. he wants to be childish sometimes but still keep his more non-childlike behavior as well. gymnastics has started up again and he is hard at work

kaitlyn is doing so good. it is so hard for me to believe that she is coming up on her 4th year anniversary of her brain hemorrhage. i almost lost her....and now-here she is a competitive gymnast and an absolute joy to have in my house. she is so loving and works so hard to help out. she is so elegant to watch out during the floor exercise...i look forward to her meets this year

noah has now been on his upped dose of 50mg of zoloft for a month now and I think he is adjusting. still not as much improvement as i would like to/hope to see, but it is better. he is doing excellent in math...i think he is actually bored as he was further ahead at home then the public schools are *sigh*

hannah is changing every day before my eyes. she is becoming more and more a little lady. she is just beautiful...

Alexis--she cracks me up. she is so intelligent and talks like an adult at 4...she comes up with the funniest things to say...and she is so full of love. I love to just snuggle with her in the mornings.

Isabella-wow how time flys by. where did my baby go?? she is almost 2 1/2 now. our last child. I don't want her to grow. she brings so much joy to my heart. she is so much like me.

and that is all for tonight.