Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

you should be able to click on nthem to see them bigger
Kaitlyn walked with a trick or treat sign since she was a mime and could not talk! LOL

Monday, October 20, 2008

the kids

conner: number 74-2 seconds later he took this kid down!

kaitlyn before the big hair cut!

Harrison, future computer geek??

or shampoo model???

Sunday, October 19, 2008

You have to love midterms

Even with 7 kids, sports and running a business from my home, I managed to get good grades for midterms.
I currently have a B in Psychology, A in Law and Justice and A in Biology. I have no idea what I am getting in Patterns of Criminal Behavior as my teacher can not seem to get her head out of the clouds and grade papers..but what can you do?
Things are insanely busy around here. We are doing another huge group purchase on our yarn from my store Nurturing Threads so I will be mixing up a lot of dye in the coming weeks!
We finally got all our autumn decorations up today. It is amazing how much joy that brings me. This is my favorite time of year and I could just sit here and look around at all the beautiful autumn colors with my scentsy tart warmer going with a smile on my face.
well, until just now when Shawn started cooking bacon and EWWW that is the nasty smell! LOL
Just 16 more days till elections. I am so excited this year. I feel this time we have an actual chance at not getting stuck with a pile in the white house. Lets keep our fingers crossed *smile*

We went to Kathryn Albertson park yesterday and had family pictures done. The scenery was gorgeous and we hopefully got some good shots! I arranged for the photographer that did our family photos in June to come up and do my parenting group so she was here all day and did a wonderful job. Everyone was really impressed and things went smoothly.

Well, bacon I will be back some other time

Monday, October 13, 2008

quick fly by post

thank you to everyone that did my survey for psychology! I had enough participants and my paper is on its way!

Kids are doing good. Kaitlyn finished up cross country Friday and Conner has his playoff game for football tomorrow night. Hannah just got invited to the enrichment class at school-which we are assured is not acceptance into the gifted program, but they will do that screening next year *smile*

Lexie and Bella are good. Lexie loves school and is reading all the time. Bella is just my little sweetheart. Her and Harrison sure do make me smile during the day. Harrison is walking all over the place. He started walking 3-4 weeks ago and then just started standing on his own and he is off and going everywhere! he has also learned how to call people on Shawn's cell phone! LOL so if you get a call from us that is a hang up or you just hear a lot of nose--sorry! it is harrison

just a quick picture for the upcoming election. it gave me a good giggle