Monday, May 03, 2010

Are you ready for a revolution?

A Food Revolution?

We know the numbers. We don't need to talk obesity and diabetes. The sad fact is American's are unhealthy. And our kids are unhealthy.

Have you seen the state of the school lunches that are served to your children? High calorie, high carb, high fat..and very little good.

At our elementary school alone, a typical breakfast is sugar cereal and toast. Every single lunch has a big dinner roll-to make sure they make up the 800 calories required to put per lunch served (numbers could have changed-they no longer post it on the website!!!)

People blame video games, tv and inactivity to our kids weight gain-but I offer that while that is valid, the way our kids are eating is even worse! Fried greasy foods, juices and dairy milk - why? Why can't our kids drink water with their meals? Why fried chicken? Why not baked? Do kids really need all this fat they are being served? Why aren't they getting good servings of fruits and vegetables? and cobbler is not a fruit serving!

Well, Jamie Oliver wants to change this! He has started a food revolution to encourage change and to save our health through eating good foods. People scoff and ignore it-but why aren't we fighting to feed our kids better?

Sign the petition! Be a voice. Let's get good foods put back into the school and crap taken out!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Do you ever have so many

ideas just running through your head? Things you want to learn and craft and just DO...and yet, you know there just are not enough hours in the day to do all of that good stuff?

I find myself running into this more and more as the year goes on.

So many lovely things to much beautiful fiber to many yarns to dye

School is almost out for the summer for me and I can't wait. I need a break! More time to do stuff--like spin, knit, dye LOL

The store is really busy. We have co-ops, pre-sales and some yarn/fiber of the month slots going on ...I think we are booked solid the rest of this year-not even counting our monthly stockings! That is good for us :) I love to dye yarn. Love to play with color.

I have started our homemade Christmas list. Each year I try to do a mixture of handmade/WAHM made items intermixed with store bought stuff for the kids. This year I am enlisting Shawn's help on some as we will be doing some woodworking. Doll house for the girls, an art table for Lexi etc.

I am going to make Harrison a waldorf doll - isn't she beautiful? This lady does wonderful work. I might do a boy but with the same color hair, or even one with blue hair!
I have thought of doing the girls waldorf dolls too, but they aren't as into playing house with those kind of dolls anymore.

I am also going to knit him his own special blanket.

the list is just beginning! But with 7 kids, you have to start early if you want to make things or you will never get it done in time.

We have a slower week this week-which I am thankful for. School assignments are due on Friday and I have to take the kids to ISAT's but overall-not too bad.

As a closing, just wanted to share a picture of my beautiful girl Lexi: