Saturday, May 21, 2005

Do you think I am stupid???

Ugh I swear I am going to lose it!
Again, what is up with people judging??? I have a good head on my shoulders. I know what my new house is going to be like. I have looked it over. I know the pro's and the very few cons.
Stop treating me like I don't have a flipping clue!!
You do not know me. I am not stupid. I have a high IQ, I use my head to think. I don't need YOU trying to point out what YOU think is wrong with my new house.
Do you realize the health issues my current house puts me in?? How small it is? How badly it sucks not HAVING A YARD??
I know what I am doing, so kindly stop second guessing me. Stop making snide remarks about where I am moving to. JUST SHUT UP!

I did not fall of the turnip truck yesterday, thank you very much!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

My new hair cut...sorry, no smile! LOL

amazing what a hair cut does for confidence

you know, I always just feel so ugly. Overweight, worn out, 6 kids...I never feel "pretty" anymore.
I got my hair cut a few days ago. Amazing what a little change can do to boost your self esteem!!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Finally-some appointments for Noah

I finally got some of Noah's appointments made today. He goes in for speech evaluation next week and then his neuro psych evaluation is on the 8th of June. it is scheduled from 9am to 2pm!! I am praying that Shawn can get the day off-or I am going to have to find someone to watch all the kids. There is no way I am taking them all with me! LOL

Today has been semi good. Kids are all fighting. Dh was home for 5 days straight, and I think everyone just needed today to wind back down into a normal state. Bella just keeps crying. I know she does not feel good. She doesn't want to nurse. She just wants to be attached to my hip...and my hip is big enough thank you! LOL

Heard from the in-laws the other day. Yellowstone is cancelled!! YEAH! We weren't going to go anyway, but this just works better for us and now I won't look like the bad guy....because, somehow-it is always my fault! The new family vacation we will not be able to do because Conner has gymnastics camp. That Saturday they are having a big party but that is the day I promised Kaitlyn she could have her birthday. Shawn said we were going to go-that it wasn't always about ME. I said "no-it is about your DAUGHTER!!" she of course was bawling because I told her we could not do her party...and Shawn finally caved and said we would not go...just once could they ask US first to see if the plan works for us?? do we always have to be the ones to just change everything for them?? I was going to invite the whole family-but I guess that is not going to work. No matter--she is going to have her party and have a blast!

I am so proud of the kids.....

Conner and Kaitlyn both got asked to try out for the gymnastics team. Conner made it! He has only been taking lessons for 2 months. Kaitlyn needs some more work on bars, which is where she flubbed it. Unfortunately her class does not do much on bars, so we are putting her in a more advanced class. We are actually glad she did not make it because girls team practice is during Kaitlyn's achievement days at church...and church comes first. she actually made the choice for AD instead of the team.
He starts team practice next month.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Moving Just Sucks!

So we have been blessed with the chance to move. Finally. Out of this house with its mold and landlords that do not do anything to fix stuff! They are trying to sell the place now, and came over the day before an inspector came to clean out the mold spots so the inspector would not see. Luckily-I pointed it out to them! LOL

But now we are moving in 3 weeks. Nothing is done. It is so stressful!! I have to pack, clean, get things ready and it is going by too fast.

Then Saturday night, Isabella started getting sick. She had this rapid onset of a violent cough with mucus. Sunday she had a fever that would not do down. I treated her with our homeopathics and nothing happened. I took her in yesterday morning and she has pneumonia! My poor baby. She is so miserable. She gets exhausted so easily. She can barely nurse sometimes because she is just so tired. :(