Saturday, March 24, 2007

First knitting for baby

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Cloth diaper sleeper sack

Sometimes Heavenly Father has a funny way

of reminding you that He is in charge.

Last year we made plans for our family.
1) We were done having children. 6 was enough. Isabella was even a surprise for us since with my medical condition, we are not supposed to be able to get pregnant on our own due to my lack of ovulation.
2) I was going back to school next year when Bella was 4 to finish my degree in Criminal Justice-the preperation for moving on to another school (if needed) to get any more education I needed for investigating crime scenes. We figured next year was good because she could go with me and attend the preschool on campus and I wouldn't be leaving her for long
3) We could sell our home and move -and get away from this horrible family we live next to that hurts our children.
4) We started decluttering-getting rid of anything that was too small for the kids and giving it all away. We still have quite a bit of junk to get rid of, but we took a whole van full of clothing and toys and baby things that we didn't need.
We had great plans. We forgot to ask Heavenly Father if they were the right plans.

So this last week, He reminded us that He is in control.

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Out the window went all of our planning.

It's funny. Shawn accepted it easier than I did. I cried. I didn't want to have another baby. We were just leaving that whole baby phase and was moving on to a place where our family was growing and we were really starting to do a lot of fun stuff together.
Shawn laughed. He knew that for some reason, Heavenly Father wants us to have this child. I know that too-it is just harder for me to accept. I am scared. My pre-eclampsia has gotten worse each pregnancy. My blood sugars get worse. It is pretty hard on me.

I am more worried about telling family. I know my mom will be very accepting. She believes in Shawn and I. She knows that we love our children and treat them well. It is everyone else I am worried about.


I am so tired and nauseated. I keep falling asleep off and on during the day, then I can't sleep at night. I saw Dr. Lowder the other day to confirm and he said everything looks great. He was excited for us. The shock and panic have started to wear off and I am feeling a bit of excitement.

We have to re-buy everything as we gave it all away!

So there it is. The best laid plans...blah blah blah.

New baby, joining our family around November 13th 2007

I hope He knows what He is doing! LOL

Friday, March 23, 2007

Update on the family

so, Shawn is leaving for Texas for a week. Training for work-and of course it just happens to be the same time as spring break! OY! LOL I am going to be a bit frazzled I think by the time he gets back.

We finished the gymnastics season and decided to take a break for a year. Competition is so time consuming-and we want to do more things right now besides live at the gym!

Spring has come-and it is so nice and cheerful to have the sunlight. It makes the days so nice-although I do miss curling up on the couch with a good book on a cloudy/rainy day!
My biggest concern with spring/summer coming is the next door neighbors children. It is a big laugh that the father has issues with our parenting, yet his children are out of control! He doesn't think we are good parents because we do things different-we don't beat our children. We aren't abusive. But we are the bad ones here.
His kids beat my boys up. Throw rocks at the girls over the fence in the backyard. Shoot the kids with their air gun pellets--but our kids are no good.
I am afraid to even let them go outside to play. I wish we could move. It is so weird, because Shawn and I both felt so good about this move. We could feel it as soon as we walked in-but to have our children hurt like this in our home?

My business is doing well. Each stocking sells out very quick. I try to post some of the stuff I do on my crafty blog: Stitch N Knit

We are talking of doing a garden this year. We have a huge area on the side of the house that is perfect. I haven't ever been too successful at growing something, but I am going to try!

Bella is potty training! I can't believe it. Finally! No more diapers! LOL

I think that is all for the update for now!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Other miscellaneous projects


I thought I had posted these, but I can't see them anywhere.

So this was Isabellas quilt I did for her. All kinds of fun textures in the fabric. I screwed up cutting so a few rows are a bit off, but oh well! It wasn't meant to be perfect!

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close up-it is laying crooked-the quilt itself is not crooked! LOL
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The sock monkey quilt top for my brother in law's new baby
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close up of the fabrics before I ironed it.

A rag quilt for a friend who had a preemie baby (I also made some preemie hats, some preemie pants and a quilted tote bag for her daughter)
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and the pants:
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a quilt square for a friend's quilt who was diagnosed with cancer--she always makes me think of the tree of life, thus the tree -again, my taking pictures straight doesn't seem to happen very often and I had not ironed this yet, but it is/was perfectly square! LOL
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and a quilt square for the mom whose daughter died from leukemia very quickly after being diagnosed--she loved to be a princess - the tiara was appliqued
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Monday, March 05, 2007

All I can say is wow

I sit here tonight just amazed at the change in my son.
Noah started his new medications a month ago. He switched from Zoloft (which was causing him to be worse) to Trazadone. I was scared to start him on the trazadone because of the studies I had read online about the trazadone and the increase in childhood-related suicide, but I felt really good about it this time when the doctor suggested it so we made the switch.
I can't even believe the change in him.
Don't get me wrong, he still has moments of his hyper-irritablity reaction. He still has moments of not being able to self soothe...but he actually seems happy sometimes.
This weekend as we were driving somewhere, he was just sitting in the van smiling! YES-smiling - at nothing in particular. just sitting there smiling and having fun.
He was playing with Shawn and the kids tonight...and he even leaned into me when I gave him a hug yesterday. He didn't stand all stiff as a board like normal and refuse to allow me to show him affection. he actually let me do it and gave back just a little.
I wanted to cry.
Right now he is only on the 25mg-and his dose will be upped to the 50mg. We will see how he does then.

What a different kid I have right now!

Friday, March 02, 2007

wow-I haven't shared much lately (moved)

but we have been so busy!
we had the grand opening of our new ONLINE STORE that was an awesome success! We almost sold out everything within 24 hours (most of it was gone the first 30 minutes!!!)
Here are a few things I did just for the store:

Needle rolls for a huge auction that was available
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Another set with knitted notions bag...with my OWN pattern! WOO HOO-the yarn is hand dyed BFL

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Another cute set, circular roll and markers
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And then my beautiful BFL yarn in the Jade Monkey colorway
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This is a custom order set I did for a lady on hyenacart, and the goldfish were very hard to send off!

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