Sunday, March 13, 2005

Don't judge me!

grr-I swear sometimes I get so frustrated over church members attitudes. Don't get me wrong, I love my church. But I can't stand when people act holier than thou! Prime example..I have a new friend. She is the typical molly mormon. Follows all the rules to a T. (or appears to anyway) So we have had her over to our home several times. The first time she went on and on about watching R and PG movies. (our church consels against R movies) Then she was over tonight and I was showing her the shirt that I made for Kaitlyn. I was so proud of it. I turned out great and was very very cute. Well, it happened to be a halter top. Still very modest IMHO. She turns to me and says "it doesn't have sleeves" it doesn't Then goes on "I could never let MY daughter wear that"

Did I ask?

Dh and I are fine with it. We have 6 kids, and set our standards a long time ago. She has a 7 year old that she has had in her family for 2 years. Please don't think you can compare. Please don't think it is YOUR place to tell me that what my daughter is wearing is wrong. My children, my choice.
I don't tell you all the things I think you are doing wrong. Give me that same courtesy.

I love her. I think she is a great friend. But I hate people making me feel that way..


kaybay said...

you are absolutly right! im not a parent but as a child it would tick me off too!

Cheryl said...

Those sort of people really, really bug me! Jesus did NOT treat other people that way. There are those in my denomination like that as well. Though we are currently in a more liberal congregation.