Saturday, September 10, 2005

Did I mention I had pneumonia???

I think my life is falling apart. Or maybe it is just my body! LOL

We moved and I was pretty sick. Coughing really bad and just generally having a hard time. Shawn was always mad because I was so sick I could not help pack. He got pretty ticked for awhile, but I was doing the best I could. We moved and started settling in. Finally after a week Shawn finally said "I am taking you to the doctor!"

In we go to the doctor-no insurance so I was really NOT wanting to be there-and my O2 levels were down to 94. I had pneumonia. They gave me a shot of rocephin right there...dang that stuff stings!! And some antibiotics.

3 weeks later, I am still coughing some. If I start to laugh a lot, my lungs protest and I end up with a coughing fit. I've never been this sick before...and it really sucks!

We started school this week. The kids are very excited. I think they are most excited for Latin and Ancient History. My In-Laws were here a few weeks ago, and my FIL started in on Shawn with the whole "you need to put these kids back in school" routine.

Uhm--thanks but NO. Our children, our decision. Just because you are an educator does not mean that you know best for MY kids. Shawn and I have made the decision TOGETHER that this is best.

I broke a molar this last week. Have I ever mentioned my TERROR of the dentist?? They had to drill out some decay that happened under my filling and he said "we are going to numb you up" I said "NO YOU ARE NOT!!" so they drilled without it, and I did ok. I was literally sick. I HATE THE DENTIST!!

I had an episode at wal-mart the other day too. Noah (who you know has issues) was playing with the men's ties. Doing no harm at all. This employee yells at him! YELLS! She had the worst tone of voice..I really could not believe it. I confronted her and said "the next time you want to yell at a child, why don't you try FINDING THE PARENTS instead!! You are an employee of this store, NOT HIS MOTHER and you have NO RIGHT to talk to thim that way!" I said a few more things, but that was the gyst of it. grrr....darned gets me everytime!

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Jo said...

You need to take better care of yourself because if you're anything like me you're not! Naughty mommy! TRY to rest when you can and kudos to Shawn for making you go to the doctor.