Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Have you noticed

this election, there have been NO political posts from me yet!
*GASP* yes, it is true.
SO here is my first!

I am so proud of our state. Idaho, a seriously republican state, had the LARGEST democratic caucus to date in this country! The energy was amazing-the support outstanding.

I missed going to see Senator Barack Obama when he came to Idaho due to illness, but I have heard his talk was amazing. I hope that when he gets the nomination that he comes back while he campaigns, because I will go to see him.

This year is a pivotal election for democrats in Idaho. We can be heard if everyone votes. With a republican nominee like McCain, we CANNOT afford to NOT vote. McCain is a scary man. His ideas and ways truly scare me and I would fear a country under his lead.

if you couldn't tell, Obama has my support. I plan on working his offices here in Idaho when I can. To see how you can help go to http://idahoforobama.org/

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