Friday, August 08, 2008

Freaky moment, and lesson learned ie car windows

so today I get an email that my library book I requested from out of state is in. I decide to take the kids to the park and swing by the library and then come home

I get all the kids dressed and we load up in the van and take off. A few minutes later I hear the kids screaming.


me: "what? what" starting to panic

kids: "ahhhh" "theres a caaaaaaaa" "ahhhh" more screams.

I am seriously panicing and look in the rearview mirror and see this freaking CAT crawling up and over Noan and it starts sprinting to the front of the van

*insert kids still screaming bloody murder" you'd have thought they were in danger or something

so the danged cat comes on the left side of the van, up and over my seat, over my shoulder and lodges itself in the front windshield with its claws firmly implanted in my leg


I am screaming in pain, the kids are screaming still in fear...and yelling at me to get it out! and I am swerving to the side of the road to try figure this out

I pull over. and I am sitting there "get it out!" "open the door" more screams

my leg-still hurting from the claws dug in. I am thinking at that moment, crap- how do I get it to let go of me and get out?

SO i open the door and he is laying on it partially so his body starts to go with it...he finally lets go and takes off out of the van and runs about 6 houses down the road before he turns around and looks back at us.

the screaming-blessedly stops

I don't know who was more scared...the kids or the cat wondering what the heck all the screaming was for!

oh yeah-and the only thing we can figure is that it got in the van last night before the storm hit and we closed the now I am going to have to start looking for animal poop - oh JOY! not!


Sandi said...

Ha Ha I think that is funny. I never leave the car windows down even for a little while just for that reason.

The girl who took out gluten said...

That is so funny!!! Sorry about your leg though....

Tara said...

It is fun to be back reading your blog. I miss you! Hope you weren't too traumitized.