Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lots on the plate

Wow, there is just so much going on!

First off, we all started school! Shawn and I included. Doing pretty good so far. Knee deep in chapters and quizes and a biology research paper.

We were able to go down to Twin Falls to see the family. As you read before, my grandfather is not doing so well. We celebrated him and grandma's 60th wedding anniversary and family came from all over.

Here are a few pictures.

Grandpa and his brother Pete

My Uncle Stan and his toy!

My mom (the red head) and her grandma and grandpa

Me and my crew of motley cousins
(oh yeah, and my stinker little brother in the cowboy hat!)

and my there any doubt she is related to me?

Conner has started football and Kaitlyn cross country. They are loving it and have had a few games already.

Conner and Noah both got bounced up into accelerated Math due to their ISAT scores (conner's was high enough to graduate) and Noah is also in accelerated reading.

Shawn is busy with school and work and I am trying to keep it all pulled together.


Tara said...

It is WONDERFUL to read an update on your family. Hope you're doing well! I know how hard it is when dh is off at school... hang in there!

Jessica said...

hey tara! I am so glad to hear from you. how are things with the family? do you still have my phone number?

Stacy said...

Those pictures are great!!!