Friday, May 06, 2011

someone let the crazy in!

It seems like the last few months have passed by in a whirlwind of "crazy time"
I can remember bits and in snapshots of time.  but not the whole picture.    Between Jobies, DeMolay and other Masonic stuff, we have been insanely busy-especially when you just add in life in general.

I couldn't even begin to do it justice as a recap, so I will share a few pictures and a few hi-lights to get caught up!

Conner and Noah attended DeMolay Conclave this year in April.  This is a statewide event for DeMolay.  Conner was awarded the hugest honor:  DeMolay of the YEAR!!!  Out of all the boys in Idaho, he was chosen.  Here is a newstory on it:
Local Youth Wins Idaho DeMolay of the Year

I cried.  Shawn cried.  Conner cried.  Sweethearts and boys from his chapter, along with other parents in the room cried.  He was so humbled, shocked, and appreciative.

Other things I can remember:  kaitlyn was elected Guide in Jobies.  The installation of officers is May 21 at 2pm.  Noah's surgery was delayed, but we will be getting it soon. 

Other than that, i leave you with photos....

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