Thursday, February 03, 2005

miscommunicate much?

How can a married couple totally be saying 2 different things and think they are saying the same thing?
Just the little things that start to irritate you.
We decide tonight that we are going to have take and bake pizza for dinner. I left the room for a few minutes, and come back in to find my husband doing pancakes. I say "what happened to pizza??" the girls decided they want pancakes. Well that is fine by me. He starts arguing for pizza and I keep telling him pancakes are fine.
I ask if he wants to run and get some flavored syrup..then realize we are out of pop. we decide to run to the store (and target for saline for sick baby)
We end up at the pizza place getting pizza.
what in the heck is the deal?
so then he doesn't understand why I am mad. I don't want pizza. I can't eat pizza because of the cheese and our daughter is allergic to dairy and I am nursing her.

So I am just being pissy and unreasonable and he is stomping around in the other room

what a crappy day!

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