Monday, October 03, 2005

I am an evil gnome kidnapper


I have kidnapped him. I am holding him ransom. His owner- mistress will never see him again unless she meets my ransom demands.

More to follow.

and do not involve the gnome police. doing so will result in instant deletion.


Jo said...

You are evil!!! Give me back my gnome!

I would have never guessed it was you. I thought you were my friend!

*sigh* You just never know some people

(I'm laughing so hard here)

Jessica said...

Are you ready to hear the randsom demands?

Jo said...

HAHA see what happens when you are evil? You get blog spam!

I honestly didn't do it but thought it was funny.

Okay what are the demands you evil evil woman?

Stacy said...

I think I've seen it all - blog spam. OMG!!! ROFL!!!

So I need a few minutes alone with the gnome before he gets returned.

Autumn said...

I have nothing to say, I just wanted to be included in this blog. :)


Jessica said... are my demands.

Stacy must be able to have her way with him first.

I MUST have grape koolaid, mac and cheese, hotdogs..and maybe a pudding pop for dinner.

that is all for now. those demands may increase depending on my mood.

and once again. do not go to the gnome police. failure to do so..or failure to meet my demands and see what happened to my spammers?

Mandy said...

Okay, this is FUNNY! Thanks for the laugh today, ladies!

Susannah said...

Can I have the Gnome? ROFLOLPIMP!!!

Susannah said...

I should have continued on and said, that I know how you like your Grape Kool-Aid and that I can make the best mac and cheese this side of Idaho. You may also have as many pudding pops that your heart desires, after you are satisfied with Grape Kool-Aid and mac & cheese. :::cheesy-purple-grin, w/residue of pudding pop:::

Autumn said...

I thought we ate bon-bons?

Jo said...

You are going to let that hoochie, Stacy, have her way with Hairy? What did he ever do to you? You're an elf lover aren't you? You just couldn't stand that my Hairy was cuter than some elf you had a fling with so you're taking it out on him.

I agree to everything but the wench gettin' nasty with my gnome.

And I want my gnome back the minute you finish your last Pudding Pop you miotch (that a combo of Mormon and biotch just so you know) :p

Jo said...

BTW- I have updated Onorach...