Monday, October 10, 2005

I have my board!!

After a long desire to have a small parenting board where we could educate and have friendships-I finally decided to do it! My August 2002 playgroup (another small knit group) is going to need a new home sometime I decided to just go for it. Create a board with my friends where we could talk and have fun. And the best thing is that we can share educational links and articles. I hope to learn so much from these ladies. It is similar to another board I visit..but without the 3000+ members and will still have the personal touches. People will not be ignored. We can post and get answers.
Right now it is very raw..we are just on an ezboard but we are getting ready to move.


Jo said...

You're doing great on the board girl. I think it will be a big hit. ;)

Eliza said...

About that wonderful board of yours - my computer is possesed right now. Holy Water ain't doing squat, nor is a full hard drive wipe and reinstall. I can't get to the boards to post. I'm over the shakes now, but my mouth is awfully dry (bad joke alert!).

So, you have to Blog more often so I can keep up with you!