Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Absentee checking in

So I have been kind of absent lately. A very good FRIEND of mine has gone into the hospital at 30 weeks along in her pregnancy due to Pre-Eclampsia so I have been sewing items for her baby and updating all our message boards to keep everyone posted as to what is going on. I have made her little boy a Rag Quilt out of cute flannels, cloth wipes (she will be Cloth Diapering )
a preemie kimono that fastens at the shoulder for all the tubes NICU babies tend to have.

So through all this, I remembered my oldest daughters experience when she was in the hospital for a brain hemorrhage 3 years ago due to 2 Dural Arterio Venous Malformations aka AVM's. She was in and out several times and received a blanket each time to help her through her scary stay. So I decided that I really needed to make some quilts too. I have chosen 2 organizations to help out. the first one is Afghans for Angels which concentrates on parents who have lost a baby...the blankets are used so moms and dads can hold their very sick little ones, and when they die, the parents have this blanket for a memory.
The second organization is Project Linus They do blankets for all sorts of kids: hospital admissions, camps for kids including those for cancer, abuse, diabetes, and bereavement..crisis centers as well as police and fire departments throughout the city. The main site for Project Linus can help you locate a program near you if you would like to donate too.

so that is what is taking my time lately. that and a harrassing neighbor that I will leave for another day and another post.

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