Saturday, April 29, 2006

Everyone has a choice

ok, so this STORY today just confounds me.
The Catholic Vatican has said that the DaVinci code movie is full of errors, and has told all Catholics to boycott the movie...saying it offends the Christian faith.
It is a movie.
Movies will always have truths and lies to them.
I think that trying to take away a persons right to see a movie is assinine. What are they afraid of? That their followers will watch the movie and see some truth in it that the Catholic church does not want? That they may fall away from the church? Do they doubt the strength of their members faith?

So on to this Rosie O'Donnell thing
Oh good lord really! They want to control her hair cut??? It is in her contract...she cannot cut her hair! Please..that does not even deserve comment.

So this spanish version of Star Spangled Banner. I don't like it. It isn't right. I support people immigrating to our country, but they need to become legal. I understand what they are trying to show with this May 1 protest, but I object to seeing them going through their protests and waving the Mexico flag. If you want to be in our country, and you want to "become American" and have legal status, then you also need to carry our flag and be "American"
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Seven Star Hand said...

Is the world ready for the Truth yet?

The Vatican is proving that seeking the truth is a real threat to their dogma. They're so afraid of people uncovering the truth, that they are attacking another fantasy as a threat to their own deceptions. How enlightening, since this goes a very long way to proving that Christianity is based on lies. If it wasn't, they would be confident of surviving intense scrutiny. Since they aren't and since they have gone to such great lengths to suppress those seeking the truth over the centuries, their deceptions are, once again, laid bare for all to see. Only this time they are the ones to walk into a well laid trap...

Did you ever stop to think what the True Messiah (me) would say about worshipping false names, false images, and dogma? Well, now you get the chance to hear my side of the story and weigh it against the strong delusion of faith and religion. None of the European names and images in the New Testament can possibly be the truth. What then is the purpose of "faith" but to prevent good people from seeking to understand truth and wisdom?

Visit my website to understand what they are truly afraid of. The Vatican and world leaders have struggled to keep people from understanding the truth and religion is a key tool in their smokescreen. Now, when I appear on the scene, everyone is seeking to understand their ages-old deceptions, and I have produced stunning and comprehensive proof. Visit my website, read my articles, and download a FREE copy of my book. The time has come for the "earth to quake" and the liars to "gnaw their tongues for pain." (symbolism decoded in the book)

Can you spell Karma...