Monday, June 25, 2007

So we had our ultrasound today

Do you see what I see????

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It was pretty in your face the moment he put the doppler on my tummy! LOL, he took it off immediately and moved somewhere else since he lets us stay in suspense till the end and I don't think he realized we already saw it! LOL but of course, I wasn't "SURE" with the view

Everything looked good. We had a hard time with getting pictures because of the placenta really being in the way. At the end when Dr Lowder went to show us the gender, the baby closed its legs! LOL he says "AH! tell it to open the legs back up!! but I already know cause I peeked!"

Currently he is weighing in at 12 oz.

so he checks again, legs are open and freezes the picture on the screen and just puts the arrow there and turns and looks at me. I could see it and started laughing and was thinking "guess that isn't an umbilical cord!!!"

The kids saw it then and said "its a boy!" and Bella started crying and burried her face in Shawn's neck because she was insistent that it be a girl!

so Harrison Parker will be joining our family sometime late this fall

Dh kept saying " I told you so" and I didn't want to take away his thunder that I was already feeling it, just not accepting it! LOL I don't think he reads my long blog entries so it is ok for me to admit that I already knew--duh! why else was I buying boy clothes and fabric??? I just didn't want to admit it cause his "I know it is a boy" was getting really annoying! LMBO Secretly, I really wanted a boy and I am so very excited that he is coming!

So here is our 20 week belly shot. I had to really scrunch it up in this picture to get it to show
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My weight is now under my starting weight, but we aren't too concerned. Baby is obviously growing and looks good.

Thats's all for now!


Julie Rauch said...

A boy how fun! Thats exciting!

Jo said...

Congrats sweety and your little belly is sooooooooooo cute!!! Want me to send ya some koolaid? :D

Come over and get your surprise...

Love ya