Monday, November 19, 2007

so the kids *update*

ok, so now that things have calmed down a bit, I can update on the family

Conner is doing well. He just got glasses this last week and his vision is getting pretty bad! He could only see about 15inches in front of him, and I don't know how he competed in gymnastics last year like that!
He was elected Student Council Representative this last week and is very excited. He also has his second Academic Bowl competition tomorrow. His team took first place last time and they are pretty excited about it. He is also a Student Ambassador and is enjoying that as well. With straight A's he is on the honor roll and his teachers are very impressed with the job I did homeschooling him. They said they wished they could clone him and have more students like him! Score 1 for the homeschooling mom! YAY!

Kaitlyn is also doing really well. She also has straight A's and is really doing well in school. She won a "responsible character" award this last week. Her teacher is impressed with her character and her willingness to help others learn and to help those that are having a hard time with making friends at school.
She is a big help to me. Everytime the baby fusses, she is right there before I can even get him! LOL

Noah is having a good time in school. He is getting almost straight A's. The one subject he is struggling in - well, that has been addressed with the teacher and should get better. She did not take the time to read his file and psych reports, so she was not giving him the assistance he needs to excel. Now that we have talked to her, it is getting better already.
He is really enjoying scouts this year and is making some friends! YES-making friends! unbelievable!

Hannah is doing good in school too. Her teacher says she enjoys having her so much in her class. She also won an award for "responsible character" Her teacher told a story of how there was a kid with a disability in her class was being teased and having a hard time getting along, and she went and tried to help him and talked to him. I am so proud of her for being such a caring person.

Alexis loves kindergarten. Every day she stands by the stove and announces to me each minute that passes until she is to leave to get on the bus! Her teacher told Shawn at conference "she doesn't have a problem expressing her opinions!" *OOPS* She is so funny.

Isabella is great. She has had a small amount of trouble adjusting to the changes with Harrison being born, but she is doing good over all. I think the hardest part is to get her to stop kissing him when he sleeps-so basically just leaving him alone!

harrison is doing well. at 2 weeks old, he is 8lb6oz! he just finished a growth spurt and it shows. he finally looks a bit healthier although none of his pants are fitting still! LOL they are all too big.
He is still struggling with some sensory stuff and has an issue with his tummy. The doctor thinks he may be having some reflux.

Will update soon with a picture of them all!

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