Monday, November 26, 2007

Such a hard post to write

Last Tuesday night, Shawn and I met at the shopko for kids eye appts. Conner was at academic bowl and called half way through to say he was done, so Shawn left with one of the little girls and Harrison to go get him. A bit later, I hear my name paged over the store and go walking to the front and seeConner with some lady I don't know. I asked him "where's dad" and he answered "he is at jack in the box"

HUH? the lady with him explains there was an accident, someone has the baby and Shawn is bleeding. I threw the items in my hand and took off running across the parking lot. Shawn and the kids are ok.

Shawn has a big knock on his head and an abrasion . After the swelling went down, he was left with 2 big black eyes that just get worse every day. The airbags literally exploded the glasses off of shawns face. It also knocked him out for a moment.

Conner has a big lump on his head. Harrison is ok.

The airbags deployed. The car is totalled.

The other guy was totally at fault (and was in fact cited) he pulled out really fast right in front of Shawn-Shawn had the right of way and could do nothing to avoid the accident. We are very grateful that Shawn was in the lane he was in. If he had been over one lane to the left, the guy would have hit us instead, and he would have hit us right where Conner and Harrison were sitting.

Shawn doesn't remember too much of it. It is kind of a blur. His face was burning from the chemicals in the airbags...and he was coughing all night. The chemicals are very harsh. After it all happened, he immediately rolled down his window, but the kids could not breathe very well. Conner reacted so fast! As soon as it happened, he saw the powder in the car and thought it was on fire! When Shawn regained consciousness, he (Conner) was out of the car and working quickly to get everyone out!

I am so proud of how level headed he (conner) was - especially for a 12 year old that was just in an accident that serious.

Shawn went and looked at the car today. I don't think he realized how bad it was till today. The steering wheel was pushed back right where his chest was. I am so grateful that we had airbags-or there is no knowing how seriously hurt he might have been.
This is what he looks like today:
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This thanksgiving, I am most thankful that my family is ok and my husband is still with us

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