Sunday, June 14, 2009

5 years ago, my life was so blessed

with the birth of my sweet baby girl Isabella Reese.

Our 6th child (the surprise "I can't get pregnant without fertility drugs" and yes I proved my OB wrong baby )

She was my fastest labor clocking in at just under 1 hour respectively from very first intervention to delivery. but then, with my longest labor being 5 hours on the dot, I guess that isn't all that exciting. LOL

here is a re-post of my very hospitalized birth story.

Due to high BP and protein in my urine, we were set for an induction Tuesday morning. Monday afternoon my doctor, whom I LOVE, stripped my membranes at my request it hoping that would send me into labor on my own. It didn't...but by the time I got to the hospital Tues morning I was a 5 and 95-almost 100% effaced. I just still was not contracting.

They started the pit at a few minutes after 6am...and my OB did AROM at about 6:10am. I did not sleep at all Monday night because I was in so much pain from my hips being popped out and was totally exhausted and just could not cope My body doesn't do well with pit...(makes my contractions one on top of the other) and my OB had told me I would be confined to bed.... so when we got there we had decided to get the epidural...which I had been dead set against the whole time.

The epidural was placed at 6:30am. I started having some slight pressure around 6:40 and she checked me at 6:55 to find that I was 8 1/2.

During this time..we were listening to music and the kids were kind of dancing around the room to it...I tried...but I was in bed! but we were loving the whole family being there.

They set up the mirror for me and my OB got there at 7:00. He had to drain my bladder and as soon as he did I was complete and ready to push. All the kids gathered around as I started to push and the next thing I knew I looked up because I heard "there is her head!" from one of the kids. I continued the push and she was born after 15 seconds of total pushing at 7:07 am....just 1 hour and a few minutes after labor was started.

Noah backed out of cutting the cord at the last minute, so I got to do it! That was the neatest thing. We snuggled with her for awhile while my OB waited for the placenta. When I felt it start to come, I gave a little push to help it out. Well, it came out so fast then that blood splattered all over Noah's leg and foot and he totally freaked out wanted nothing else to do with it.

The nurse left us right after that for some family time with baby and the nursery did not even come down to check her for about 1+hour after the birth. She latched on really good and nursed well. She had some blood sugar issues so they had to continue checking her every hour for awhile.

Dh told me today that when the dr got there, Alexis kept pushing in front of him at my feet so she could see better! LOL...all the kids love her and are handling things great!

It wasn't the birth I wanted.....but it turned out to be a very good experience.

Isabella Reese
June 15, 2004
7:07 am
8lb 5oz
22 inches long
(my largest baby by 1 pound and 2 inches!!!)

the morning I went in to have her:


and other favorites of her from way back then!


and now:



happy birthday to my sweet baby girl!!


Tara said...

I can't believe it's been 5 years!!! She is beautiful!

Trisha said...

I remember that night!!!

Michelle said...

She is just darling! Can't believe it has been so long, I remember those baby pictures!