Tuesday, December 06, 2011

30 days of Thanksgiving - Thankful Posts 2011

1-Today, I am thankful for this 30 day challenge. There is so much negativity around me that it is easy to forget the good that surrounds me too. I am thankful for this opportunity to spend the next 30 days looking at all the blessings in my life-to bring me peace and happiness-and to help me realize what is important and what can be done without. ♥

2-Today, I am thankful for my children's different personalities. They are all so unique and bring something special to our family. Each one teaches me something new and they never fail to bring a smile to my face. ♥

3-Today I am thankful for the toy set I found for $5 at the thrift store months ago for Harrison that has already inspired playtime for an hour this morning.

4-Today I am thankful for my awesome kids. They bring me so much happiness everyday and I enjoy just sitting and talking to them. I value our closeness and love our time together. They teach me just as I teach them-and have proven to me that yes, you can be a parent AND a friend

5-Today, I am thankful for my "baby" boy Harrison who is 4 years old today! It was a shock when I found out I pregnant with him, and I was hesitant at first-but couldn't imagine my life without him now! Through his tics and quirks I have learned even more patience, love and acceptance. Happy Birthday Harrison Parker Gibbons!!!

6-Today I am thankful for modern medicine. I don't use it very often, but I am glad it is there when I need it.

7-Today I am thankful for a moment of peace

8-Today, in honor of Dad Land, I am thankful for the Order of DeMolay. I am thankful for the chance to work with these wonderful young men. I am thankful that my son Conner-as Master Councilor -has had a chance to lead and grow this year. I am thankful for DeMolay's teachings and for the friendships and precepts that Conner and Noah both have learned. The teachings are wonderful and it has been an awesome opportunity to be involved with them.

9-Today I am thankful for cable tv. It has kept Harrison occupied (mostly) this morning and I needed to just sit on the couch and rest. I can feel guilty about it later! HAHA

10-Today, I am thankful for friends, for Danny and Bear who are trying to fix our car. I am thankful to know mechanics that I can trust to not steer me wrong. Thank you Dan Sager and Bear!!!!

11- facebook ate it

12-Today, I am thankful for my family. For my husband who I know will always be there for me. I am thankful for our great relationship and for the way he treats me and looks out for me always. I am thankful for my 7 kids and the love and light they bring to my life.

13-Today I am thankful for the roof over my head, the food in my fridge and the heat in my home. I know sometimes things get very overwhelming and I wonder what else can go wrong, and then I have to remember that at least we have the basic necessities above that so many do not have. ♥

14-disappeared off my page

15-Today, I am thankful for my yarn stash. Being able to go in and KNOW I will have a skein of yarn for my project is something I'd not want to be without! YAY for yarn and being able to knit my son a hat when he needs one!

16-Today, I am thankful for Isabella and her excitement at school. She is doing wonderful things in the gifted program that keep her occupied more during the day. Tomorrow is her Thanksgiving feast and I cannot wait to go surprise her by showing up! ♥

17-Today, I am thankful for my unending patience. It serves me well.

18-Today, I am thankful for Thanksgiving break! All the kids are home starting today..(even though the oldest 2 are only home today because they are sick!!) But I am thankful they are home. I love spending time with them and miss them when they are at school. And I am thankful that Harrison has someone to play with and keep him occupied so I can get some cleaning done!

19-just the way I wanted to wake up....the sound of feet running across the floor...followed by puking ugh. .......Today, I am thankful that she made it to the garbage can.

20-Today, I am thankful that our car is running!!!! YES!!!! It did turn out to be the computer "brain" of the car, and our awesome mechanic fixed it and we picked it up today! WOOT!!!!

21-Today, I am thankful for steroids-and my ability to breathe a little easier with their usage!

22-Today (a little late in the day!) I am thankful for the wonderful friends that my kids have! I am thankful for the wonderful organizations (DeMolay and Job's Daughters) that have brought those friends into our lives!

23-Today, I am thankful for my brothers life. It was 3 years ago today that I got the call that he had a serious car accident and had been found 6 hours after he had been ejected from his car. His body core temp was dangerously low, but ended up being the thing that saved him as it slowed the bleeding in his brain. Life flight could not transport due to weather. He was in the ICU for many days in a coma. His hospital stay ended up being almost 2 months. He has a traumatic brain injury. They said he would NEVER ride a horse or rodeo again. He proved them wrong. He's a little different, but still my goofy baby brother, and I am so thankful he is alive and with us still.

24-Regardless of how this holiday came about, I am thankful for this day--and the chance to spend it with my husband and children (and friends!!). And I am very thankful that Shawn took over the cooking of the meal since I am still not close to being 100% yet! Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family!

25-no idea where this one went!

26-Today, I am thankful for my creative nature. My love of color. My ability to take yarn and make it beautiful by adding colors. My (limited) ability to take a piece of fabric and make what I want or need. My artistic nature helps me to see the world in different ways. I wouldn't be the same without it.

27-Today, I am thankful for my little boy...and his world that I am the center of. ♥

28-Today, I am thankful for a friend-who helped me out when I needed it. ♥

29-Today, I am thankful for the ability to speak my mind and to not have my opinions repressed by the country we live in. I am thankful for a President, who right or wrong, works to run our country. I am thankful for the freedoms we enjoy and the luxuries we have. And I wish that everyone had those same benefits.

30-Today, I am thankful for the 30 days of Thanksgiving. I am thankful for all of my friends that stuck it out the whole month with me! I am thankful for the gratitude they shared, and what I learned from their posts. I am thankful for how this challenge has once again touched my life. I hope everyone joins me again next year!

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