Friday, May 24, 2013

So guess what?

I haven't been here in a while...but you already knew that! LOL
There have been a lot of changes since December, and I will make them fast.

I changed my major at college due to a huge snafu with the Social Work department.  I am now back in Criminal Justice and I know it is the right fit.  I have one year left.  Just one year and I will graduate!  What will I do when I am no longer a student?  I have no idea! haha

Kids are good.  We will leave it at that.  Everyone is growing and healthy and loving life.

I am writing.  Yes, writing.  I found an old story I had started writing back in highschool.  Originally a short story and only 10 pages long, we were able to only find 3 of the original pages.  I have edited and added, and now have that 3 pages up to 20 pages!  Hannah has been reading it and loves it.  Even if I never do anything with it, I will feel accomplished for finishing it.  I will keep updates on the blog.

I went to the Imagine Dragons concert Tuesday night.  It was amazing.  I cannot say enough good things about them.  Going was a very important thing for me, for personal reasons that I cannot say here, but it was needed, and it was good.  If you haven't listened to them yet, start with Demons, Radioactive and It's Time. Yes, we were this close to the stage!

That is it.  Off to do research today.  Will update later tonight.


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ameyknits said...

I saw this blog title ("So guess what?") and immediately thought "Jess is pregnant?!"
It sounds like things are going well, and I'm really impressed at how you've been able to keep up with family life and school at the same time.