Saturday, May 21, 2005

Do you think I am stupid???

Ugh I swear I am going to lose it!
Again, what is up with people judging??? I have a good head on my shoulders. I know what my new house is going to be like. I have looked it over. I know the pro's and the very few cons.
Stop treating me like I don't have a flipping clue!!
You do not know me. I am not stupid. I have a high IQ, I use my head to think. I don't need YOU trying to point out what YOU think is wrong with my new house.
Do you realize the health issues my current house puts me in?? How small it is? How badly it sucks not HAVING A YARD??
I know what I am doing, so kindly stop second guessing me. Stop making snide remarks about where I am moving to. JUST SHUT UP!

I did not fall of the turnip truck yesterday, thank you very much!


Jo said...

You tell 'em girl!!! Go throw a pudding pop at them or some Kool Aid. :D

Jessica said...

I am going to have to open a can of good old fashioned mormon woop arse Jo..maybe you better come back me up :)