Thursday, May 12, 2005

Finally-some appointments for Noah

I finally got some of Noah's appointments made today. He goes in for speech evaluation next week and then his neuro psych evaluation is on the 8th of June. it is scheduled from 9am to 2pm!! I am praying that Shawn can get the day off-or I am going to have to find someone to watch all the kids. There is no way I am taking them all with me! LOL

Today has been semi good. Kids are all fighting. Dh was home for 5 days straight, and I think everyone just needed today to wind back down into a normal state. Bella just keeps crying. I know she does not feel good. She doesn't want to nurse. She just wants to be attached to my hip...and my hip is big enough thank you! LOL

Heard from the in-laws the other day. Yellowstone is cancelled!! YEAH! We weren't going to go anyway, but this just works better for us and now I won't look like the bad guy....because, somehow-it is always my fault! The new family vacation we will not be able to do because Conner has gymnastics camp. That Saturday they are having a big party but that is the day I promised Kaitlyn she could have her birthday. Shawn said we were going to go-that it wasn't always about ME. I said "no-it is about your DAUGHTER!!" she of course was bawling because I told her we could not do her party...and Shawn finally caved and said we would not go...just once could they ask US first to see if the plan works for us?? do we always have to be the ones to just change everything for them?? I was going to invite the whole family-but I guess that is not going to work. No matter--she is going to have her party and have a blast!

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