Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Moving Just Sucks!

So we have been blessed with the chance to move. Finally. Out of this house with its mold and landlords that do not do anything to fix stuff! They are trying to sell the place now, and came over the day before an inspector came to clean out the mold spots so the inspector would not see. Luckily-I pointed it out to them! LOL

But now we are moving in 3 weeks. Nothing is done. It is so stressful!! I have to pack, clean, get things ready and it is going by too fast.

Then Saturday night, Isabella started getting sick. She had this rapid onset of a violent cough with mucus. Sunday she had a fever that would not do down. I treated her with our homeopathics and nothing happened. I took her in yesterday morning and she has pneumonia! My poor baby. She is so miserable. She gets exhausted so easily. She can barely nurse sometimes because she is just so tired. :(

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Jo said...

Goodness lady, taking care of the kidlets AND moving. I don't envy you. Busy busy busy! :) I'm glad the inspector got to see the mold. I'm hoping the same thing happens when they come to this house. Have you found a new place yet? Good luck and make sure you take pics of the new place.