Wednesday, November 16, 2005

wow-time does fly doesn't it?

so in recent news...the doctors are finally talking to me! Noah's behavior is escalating. His violence/agression is worse. He has started banging his head again. He kicked his brother down the stairs the other day and has been hitting his 17 month old sister.
The answer? Looks like we will be starting with Zoloft. The doctor suggested Trazadone first, because Noah exhibits tendencies to have a seizure...but my research made me not want to try that.
So good news there. hopefully the zoloft will help his hyperirritability reactivity when he is angry.

Conner has his first gymnastics meet coming up December 9th! I just cannot believe it. He did his whole floor routine in practice yesterday and I was just in awe. He looks so good. Pictures are coming up and I will share.

Grandpa is still holding his own. The CT confirmed several strokes, but the therapy is helping some.

We are getting ready for Thanksgiving. We are going to a friends house since Shawn has to work, and I am very excited! Making my special mini-cheesecakes, pumpkin bread, blackbottom cupcakes and a veggie.

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