Monday, November 28, 2005

Publicly persecuted AIDS mother gets redemption

In Septemeber of this year, The LA Times reported that Christine Maggiore was irresponsible in not treating herself or her family with AZT. Her daughter, 3 1/2 year old Eliza Jane Scovill died suddenly May 16 2005 and the diagnosis was AIDS-related pneumonia.

Eliza had never been diagnosed with HIV and had been extremely healthy her whole life. She had been seen by doctors in the days proceeding her death for an ear infection, for which she was prescribed antibiotics. Eliza showed no other signs of being ill, least of all difficulty breathing or coughing.

Condemmed by the media and the public and still realing from her daughters death, Christine stayed strong in her convictions that AIDS does not need medical treatment...and that she and her family were doing well. Public officials have been poised to act to take the couples other child, Charlie, away from them.

New information has come to light that sheds a whole different spin on this story. Eliza did not die of AIDS-related pneumonia. She was NOT HIV positive and did NOT have full blown AIDS.
Eliza died from an allergic reaction to the antibiotic amoxicillin that she had been given that very week for an ear infection.

Yes, you read that right. She died from the medication DOCTORS gave her to treat her ear infection.

The LA Times article goes on to quote Dr James Oleske, a New Jersey physician that has NEVER seen Eliza (but does treat AIDS patients) by saying "This was a preventable death. I can tell you without a doubt that, at the outset of her illness, if she was properly evaluated, she would have been appropriately treated. SHE WOULD NOT HAVE DIED"

Well guess what Dr James Oleske from New Jersey. You were WRONG!!! Yes, her death was preventable....but not the way you insinuated. Avoiding the antibiotic-that would have done it.

I hope that Christine and her family can now mourn for the loss of their daughter without ridicule, suspicion and disbeleif.
Prayers go out to Christine, Robin, Charlie and sweet Eliza.

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