Thursday, February 16, 2006

Conner's first meet-

Was a few weeks ago and it was AWESOME!!

we had a great day! Conner took 3rd place in the all around. He missed 2nd by .10 - and I could have challenged one of his scores that was not fair...but its good. for his first meet he did so phenomenal I just couldn't believe it!


3rd - all around
1st - pommel horse
3rd - rings
1st - floor
3rd - parallel bars
4th - vault
5th - high bar

our next meet is tomorrow! Conner is pretty sick so we are not expecting him to place very high--but we will still have a very fun day I am sure!

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Jo said...

He looks so great in those pictures and like he is having so much fun. Thanks for sharing and kudos to your gymnast!