Tuesday, February 28, 2006

wow-things get crazy!

the last few weeks have just flown by like a whirlwind! I am just starting my own "business" with Pampered Chef. I just signed up to be a consultant and I am so excited.
Homeschooling is awesome! It is so gratifying to see the kids improving and flourishing where they were not before in public school.
and I am making new friends in the area we moved to. I am so excited. It seems like we are doing things the right way...knock on wood! LOL

so in light of all my excitement...a fun one!

You Are a Super Flirt

You love to flirt, so much so that it gets you in trouble.
In almost any situation, you find yourself flirting - even when it's inappropriate.
You tend to embrace all flirting styles too.. from coy to sexy to playful to serious.
And if someone flirts back, you'll crank it up even more!

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