Thursday, February 16, 2006

So what happens at girls night out???

ok-so the night started off with stacy and Jessica wanting to go out for dessert following the crappy day they both had.

so they decide to go to Carrabbas (since Jessica looked up the dessert menu online and it looked GOOOOOOD)

get to the restaurant and all is good. there has been some serious laughter in the car ride much so that Jessica was already coughing up her lungs as she has been really sick.

the wait is a long one, so we decide to eat at the bar.

yes, the bar. we got the mormon girl to the bar!

So the bartender guy introduces himself(michael), his two other bartenders and proceeds to tell us about how the grill is famous, this whole spiel. During this he leans onto the bar, sending a brandy snifter flying at Stacy. It bounced on the chair next to her and shattered. It's a good thing she scooted out of the way because some of the glass landed on her chair right where she was sitting. Nice start eh? Good thing we were able to laugh about it.

So then we ask a zillion questions about the menu and the manager comes over and makes a couple of suggestions, we butcher the name of this pasta dish (which Jessica ends up ordering) like 10 times. After a bit our food shows up. Totally yummy and we start chowing. Stacy is busy being nosy and staring at the chick's plate two stools down. While wondering out loud what it is, she looks at Jessica's pasta and says "That's not what you ordered!!!!". OMG too funny, Jessica didn't even know. So we tell the poor bartender and he has the manager come over. They put in the order for the right dish, and when the manager brings it over, we realize it's the same sauce, just a different pasta! Still the corkscrew stuff was much easier to eat than slurping angel hair. Right Jess?

so we are eating and michael has to tell us about this server who he swears looks like matthew of course, Jessica and stacy check him out. (and he was HO!T) and all Jessica can notice at first is how tall he is. then stacy says he is thinner than matthew modine, and the guy says he weighs 206. Jessica says NO WAY! stacy says "He is so tall-thats why"
j: he is not that tall
s: yes he is..stand next to him!

so Jessica hops off her stool and stands next to the guy..who puts his arm around her the guy is like a foot taller than Jessica!
he then says "but it is all muscle"
by then, Jessica, who is feeling the effects of her coke..that HAD to be spiked says "really" like some star struck teen.
he says "yeah, feel" and flexes his muscle. to which Jessica promptly reaches up and feels him and says "very nice!!"

Stacy then remarks on the fact that some of the guys keep staring at us...she figures they are back there talking about us!
so we keep eating and Jessica keeps laughing. she says that all these comments in her head that she wants to make come out bad! like "I hope I didn't squeeze him too hard!!"

Okay so, earlier in the evening when we went to the bathroom, Jessica noticed that the big stall had both a changing table and a chair. This led to a discussion wondering why they offer a chair in the restroom stall. Jessica at first said "What? is taking a shit so tiring you need to sit down and take a break?" Of course we spent the rest of the meal coming back to the question of why, and we knew we just HAD to ask them. So after we finished our desserts, Jessica kept saying "I am going to ask him" Poor Michael. He overheard and came over and said "ok, what are you going to roast me for now!!" Jessica asked the lady bartender. Guess what she said? It was for breastfeeding mothers!!! Stacy asked her why someone would want to nurse in the bathroom. (complete with a look of shock! ) So she started saying how some people are uncomfortable, yadda, yadda. And Stacy's pops in with "but why would you want to breastfeed next to a toilet???" Then we asked if they *made* women go in there. She said no and all was good and we piped up in unison to say "Good, because we're both nursing moms!". I think our bartender was ready to die at that point since he had been trying to flirt with us all night!

At the very end as we're getting ready to leave he tells us to come back during ahppy hour, 2 for 1 wine, etc. Stacy cut him off and asked if any of the food was 2 for 1. She told him they couldn't drink because she was a bit ripe. He asked, but reported back no specials on the food. But you could have any liquor at 2for1!!!! Ya know, cause liquor isn't alcohol.

All in all it was a blast!!! We laughed the entire time and had so much fn. It was a much needed respite from our crazy weeks.

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Jo said...

Uh huh, I always knew you were a naughty girl at heart! Proof is in the writing! I'm so telling! :) Glad you two had fun. Stars know you both deserve it.