Thursday, March 16, 2006


Doesn't sound like a word that should cause so much terror. State. Add "gymnastics competition" to it, and you will see why my stomach is filled with knots.

My son qualified for state gymnastics. We leave tomorrow morning to begin our adventure up to Moscow, Idaho for this last meet of the season. I believe they said more than 90 boys will be there. Conner is feeling better, I know I posted earlier that he has been sick for about 7 weeks now, but the vitamin c and echinacea helped to heal him where the antibiotics did not. Now, he just feels like he lost 7 weeks of practice and has lost a lot of his power, but eh..what can you do.

So 90 boys and who knows how many hundreds of girls will be running around in leo's and singlets and team colors and invading the University of Idaho where the competition is to take place. That poor town will never know what hit them.
These are kids that can be walking down the hallway and just start flipping out. And by flipping out, I mean REALLY flipping! Do handstands, backhandsprings, name it, they do it. it is in the blood. Half the time, my 2 gymnasts don't even realize they are doing it till I beg them to stop tumbling in the living room!

So my tummy is in knots. Anxious for my son to do well. I will be that mom in the stands talking every single boy on our team through the routines. My husband after watching the last video I did of a meet turned to me and said "you know Jessica, we can turn the audio off!!" Guess he didn't like my commentary! LOL

I am so proud of him. I am terrified for him. I so want him to do good and to be pleased with how he performs. That is all that truly matters-that he is happy with how he does. So I sit with my tummy in knots and I cannot eat or sleep without thinking of this weekend.
I am only glad that this year, at his level, they cannot do regionals. I can only imagine what a wreck I would be then!

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Tara said...

He's going to do WONDERFULLY and I can't wait to hear all about it!