Wednesday, March 22, 2006

When it was time...he brought it!

It is sooo good to be home!!! Very long drive with 6 kids, scary roads (the roads were clear, but the mountains and sharp drop offs scared the hell out of me!!) but it was a great time!

I will put up pictures/video later. The results were listed wrong on the site due to an error in one of the judges addition but these are the results!

Floor: 4th (8.7)
Pommel: 3rd (8.2)
Rings: 8th (8.4)
High Bar: 2nd (8.9)
All Around: 7th

He did great! His high bar routine was the best he has ever done! He knew what he needed to do and got it done! I was so proud of him. And he was so happy to have beat his "rival" in 2 events! LOL

The hotel was ehh...and there really were kids flipping in the hallways! My son included *wink*

We had some semi good food. Pita Pit where I had falafel (YUMMY!!) Wingers (food sucked!!) and a few other small places here and there. I did get an AWESOME dessert at Wingers: the Wingers Asphalt Pie

It was HUGE and so good. Oreo crust, ice cream, caramel and whip cream! I could go to wingers just for dessert again!

But alas, there is just nothing like being home!


Mandy said...

Hey, I thought there was supposed to be a picture of that dessert! ;)

Jessica said...

Mandy..isn't it there?? I can see it.
that is odd!

sunflower said...

Congratulations to your son. It sounds like he did great. I didn't realize you had children in gymnastics.

The Falafel sounds good.