Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sometimes Heavenly Father has a funny way

of reminding you that He is in charge.

Last year we made plans for our family.
1) We were done having children. 6 was enough. Isabella was even a surprise for us since with my medical condition, we are not supposed to be able to get pregnant on our own due to my lack of ovulation.
2) I was going back to school next year when Bella was 4 to finish my degree in Criminal Justice-the preperation for moving on to another school (if needed) to get any more education I needed for investigating crime scenes. We figured next year was good because she could go with me and attend the preschool on campus and I wouldn't be leaving her for long
3) We could sell our home and move -and get away from this horrible family we live next to that hurts our children.
4) We started decluttering-getting rid of anything that was too small for the kids and giving it all away. We still have quite a bit of junk to get rid of, but we took a whole van full of clothing and toys and baby things that we didn't need.
We had great plans. We forgot to ask Heavenly Father if they were the right plans.

So this last week, He reminded us that He is in control.

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Out the window went all of our planning.

It's funny. Shawn accepted it easier than I did. I cried. I didn't want to have another baby. We were just leaving that whole baby phase and was moving on to a place where our family was growing and we were really starting to do a lot of fun stuff together.
Shawn laughed. He knew that for some reason, Heavenly Father wants us to have this child. I know that too-it is just harder for me to accept. I am scared. My pre-eclampsia has gotten worse each pregnancy. My blood sugars get worse. It is pretty hard on me.

I am more worried about telling family. I know my mom will be very accepting. She believes in Shawn and I. She knows that we love our children and treat them well. It is everyone else I am worried about.


I am so tired and nauseated. I keep falling asleep off and on during the day, then I can't sleep at night. I saw Dr. Lowder the other day to confirm and he said everything looks great. He was excited for us. The shock and panic have started to wear off and I am feeling a bit of excitement.

We have to re-buy everything as we gave it all away!

So there it is. The best laid plans...blah blah blah.

New baby, joining our family around November 13th 2007

I hope He knows what He is doing! LOL

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Tara said...

He does and this little baby will be the perfect addition to your sweet family.