Friday, March 23, 2007

Update on the family

so, Shawn is leaving for Texas for a week. Training for work-and of course it just happens to be the same time as spring break! OY! LOL I am going to be a bit frazzled I think by the time he gets back.

We finished the gymnastics season and decided to take a break for a year. Competition is so time consuming-and we want to do more things right now besides live at the gym!

Spring has come-and it is so nice and cheerful to have the sunlight. It makes the days so nice-although I do miss curling up on the couch with a good book on a cloudy/rainy day!
My biggest concern with spring/summer coming is the next door neighbors children. It is a big laugh that the father has issues with our parenting, yet his children are out of control! He doesn't think we are good parents because we do things different-we don't beat our children. We aren't abusive. But we are the bad ones here.
His kids beat my boys up. Throw rocks at the girls over the fence in the backyard. Shoot the kids with their air gun pellets--but our kids are no good.
I am afraid to even let them go outside to play. I wish we could move. It is so weird, because Shawn and I both felt so good about this move. We could feel it as soon as we walked in-but to have our children hurt like this in our home?

My business is doing well. Each stocking sells out very quick. I try to post some of the stuff I do on my crafty blog: Stitch N Knit

We are talking of doing a garden this year. We have a huge area on the side of the house that is perfect. I haven't ever been too successful at growing something, but I am going to try!

Bella is potty training! I can't believe it. Finally! No more diapers! LOL

I think that is all for the update for now!

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