Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Insanity has set in

can I tell you-this freaking pregnancy induced insanity is driving me crazy??

we had dinner early tonight. 2 hours ago I turned to dh and said "why am I so hungry?" him: "uh-duh!!!"

so I decide to make something else to eat..decide on grilled cheese. dh goes to make it, the kids ate all the bread!! So I sit her for 1 hour thinking about it. ...in the meantime, oldest son gets Shawn his shoes and says "lets go get mom something to eat"

Shawn gets dressed, starts to leave and I am thinking he is going to get me something to eat.

I am confused, and I send Kailtyn running out to the car to ask if he wants to know what I want to eat. She comes back in and says "he is just going to get a loaf of bread to make you a sandwhich"

to which I promptly burst into tears because I no longer want a darned grilled cheese sandwhich-I want a hamburger at 11pm!

*sigh* this really sucks.


Shawn said...

What a moron...hasn't he figured out how to read your mind yet?


Jessica said...

your right, he should know how to do that buy now shouldn't he?

darn him!

Robin said...

I'm sorry, but it's funny when it isn't me.

Jessica said...

yeah, laugh it up robin! LOL

it is pretty funny-even now!