Monday, April 23, 2007

Time to play catch up.

So, I haven't blogged in a while. Part of it was the pregnancy and morning sickness and pure exhaustion. Part of it was reading my stat counter and finding out just who in the extended family network was reading my blog.
Then I decided "eh, screw it" if they want to read my personal life, go right ahead! They might actually learn something about me and get to know ME.

So things have been tough the last few weeks. I am beyond tired and ill. This has been the worst pregnancy ever. It is unlike any of the others. And I don't know what this baby is...which is abnormal for me. The only time this has ever happened before was when I was pregnant with the twins. It wasn't until after I lost one of them that I knew the remaining baby was a girl. Shawn of course thinks that this is a sign (combined with everything else) that we are having twins again and is predicting 2 boys...identical. I don't-but I am putting it out there just for the record! LOL

I am having my first accupuncture treatment this weekend and I am very excited! My friend Julie is an accupuncturist and also does chinese medicine. I plan on having her work with me throughout the pregnancy.

I am still having issues with my blood sugars. But I do think they are getting better.

Saturday, we are going to start on our garden. I hope. We bought the seeds again. Lets see if they get planted vs sitting on the counter all year! LOL

Thats all for now.


Shawn said...

For the record...The garden is planted


Jessica said...

Yes, and I love you for it!
Thank you :)