Thursday, October 25, 2007

37 weeks and a bit more progress

Today was a good appointment. My OB was not in and I got to see my favorite nurse that was with me through my 3 previous pregnancies..Nancy.

She asked if I minded if she examined me - and then if Calista (the other nurse) could check me too. Calista is learning to do exams and I had no problem with that at all. Nancy was very excited when she checked me and told calista she'd be able to feel it right away.

So Calista checked, and yup, she was very excited that she could tell what I was! LOL YAY ME for having a good cervix.

So 2cm, 50% effaced, head is 0 station. they could poke through the opening in my cervix and touch his head.

My BP was still higher than normal, but back down a bit so we are good till Tuesday. I am really starting to swell and my headaches have increased, so that is not the best news but-what can you do?

So that is all for now. I've been having lots of contractions today but nothing to excite me much.


Stacy said...

Hmm, you missed an update this week!

sjtksbgibbons said...

Congrats on the baby!