Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas is over....

whew, it never fails to amaze me how insane it gets around the holidays.

We had an amazing Christmas this year. The kids are very happy with what they got. I just wish we would have had more sleep before starting the gift opening! LOL

Harrison is still not doing so hot. He started on Zantac for his reflux. He is also on nystatin for the thrush and probiotics for the thrush and his poor messed up digestive system. He still can't pass his stools very well and is quite miserable. I am still beyond exhausted holding him upright all night everynight to sleep on the couch. It will get better one day. In fact, it seems to a bit already since the zantac started...or maybe I am just delusional.

We got a check from the insurance company for our car. it wasn't very much so we had a limited budget to work with to get our new one. I got a picture of the old car before they took it away. It wasn't a very good angle, but you can see some of the damage. we are missing quite a bit off the front..almost a few feet


and here is the new car. it is an older VW Jetta. We found out the first few nights we had it that it does indeed handle well in the snow :)


The kids are all home on Christmas break. It has been a bit insane. Harrison is changing so much everyday and I am glad they have this time to play with him. he had a doctors appointment the other day and at weeks he is 10lb11oz.



Heather said...

Merry Christmas! I hope that it's not just your imagination, and Harrison is doing better--and that you get some sleep!

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