Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So I missed church Sunday

because Harrison was so sick. When Shawn got home he says to me : I got called into the bishops office...to which I of course said in a smart aleck way..."what did you do???"

he said *I* didn't do anything.
uh oh..."what did I do???"
ok, what did Conner do??? LOL
I figured by process of elimination I would get there eventually.
So..Conner has a calling in church now! He is in the Deacon's quorum presidency.
of course, not growing up in the church, I have NO idea what this means for him or what he will be doing now, but I guess I will learn.

So today was busy. I sewed a few baby gifts for a big swap we are doing on one of my message boards. Stacy and I sorted the boxes tonight and we had a lot of fun. I have some new yarn coming in the mail and I will be taking it with me to Red Fish when we go.

Harrison got a swimming pool this weekend and he loves it! that kid is such an outside boy! He just plays and plays. He has started trying to stand up...he doesn't want to crawl at all...he just wants to get up and walk!

School is almost out. Conner's last academic meet is tomorrow. the kids are done the next Friday. I can't believe the year has gone by so fast.

ok..knitting...the latest longies and a new bag-the bag IS straight, it is just laying all funky in the picture and I was too tired to go fix it in order to take a new picture.

the yarn is dyed by me...my Juicy Pear colorway. Black Berry Ridge wool yarn.



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