Wednesday, May 14, 2008

There are days that the kids

make me so proud!
Yesterday, the kids came home from school and played outside as usual. A little while later, Kaitlyn and Noah came to me and said they wanted to go clean up a neighbors yard. There is a house on our road that has been empty for at least 6 months. We don't know if the owners are the ones that were there and left or what the deal is...but it is not being taken care of.

So they decided it would be good to go clean it. Noah thought it would be good for the environment *wub* but they wanted it done.

so they took off with big bags and started pulling the huge dead stuff out of all the plants. They cleaned up garbage. Tonight, they are going back to mow the lawn and use the weedwacker on the weeds.
All on their own. I am so proud of them for seeing a need and giving this service. I must be teaching them something right! :)

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