Friday, May 23, 2008

I am starting early!

So Christmas is just 6 months away. I have started early..which you kind of have to do with 7 kids!
I am collecting handmade stuff for the kids as gifts. I have a good selection so far.

I got a Hooty Hoot! from Pam at The Indigo Onion for Harrison
I got a beautiful dyed playsilk for him too

I got some doll Mei Tai carriers for the girls
and I think that is it for now? But it is a start. I have several crafty swaps coming up and will get more items for them then. So I have a good jump on it!

We have just 1 week left of school here! I cannot believe it is almost done! Conner had his last Academic Bowl meet this week, which they won! That puts them in first place overall, I believe out of the whole state? Anyway, very exciting stuff!

I've been pretty busy with sewing and knitting at home..and we are still slowly working on the changes in the house.

Harrison is almost 7 months old now. He is 16lb 13 oz and 26 inches long...puts him in the 25th percentile...which I figured as all of our kids are quite tiny!

Thats is for now :)

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