Friday, January 23, 2009

Yes, I know I am slow

to post things right now. Things have been so busy and that is really not an excuse for not posting, but I do resolve to be more chatty.
So what have I been doing this month? Dyeing yarn, knitting projects. I am getting ready to dye yarn to make my first sweater for myself. YES! For myself, I am so excited.
School started this week. I got a letter notifying me that I had made the Dean's List last semester and that made me feel good. Accomplished. Like what I was doing was not a waste of time.

Here are a few pictures from this month so far:

lexi's new hair cut...thanks to gum that would not come out!

My "NEW" old fashioned plates. For those that really know me, I LOVE vintage things and am always on the look out for something to add to our home that is old fashioned. I found a set of these dishes the other day and just fell in love!

Now this, this was NOT my doing! The kids were home and Harrison came up with this dress and "asked" for it to be on. Kaitlyn dressed him and as you can see, he is quite proud! He twirled all afternoon!

Yummy just doesn't get any better than that.

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Tara said...

Cute pictures!! I love it when you update - your family is just beautiful. And will you say hi to Stacy for me? Miss you both. TONS